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|| Tuesday, February 28, 2006 ||


We know he's still sick. We know that it isn't over yet for him, nay, it may never ever be over for him. But always, there is that moment of rage and utter sadness when you get confronted again by the fact that it isn't over yet for him.

Still, his last chemo went relatively FINE for him. He went home after several days of confinement a little weakened but cheerful just the same. He was even sweeter to all of us, and would often greet me again with arms spread out, demanding a hug.

Woke up to see him all dressed up today for his CT scan, brain scan and abdominal scan. It seems his SLDH (?) levels didn't decrease after the removal of his tumor, and his oncologist wants to make sure that they are missing nothing.

But oh, is Pyro cheerful.

My sis, who didn't have classes yesterday, made these elevator buttons to paste on the archway dividing our sala and dining area. Now, Pyro sits under that arch on his mini-chair and invites people to board his elevator. He doesn't allow you 'in' till you've pushed any of the down or up buttons. It's so cute! I just didn't get to take a picture last night.

For anyone who's passing by, say a prayer for him naman that his scans turn out negative? Because we're really gunning for just 2 more chemo cycles to have him declared cancer-free...

What a blessing that would be for his 3rd birthday... which we're already planning, even if it's still in July.


God, thank you for a child's innocence and grace.

|| Monday, February 13, 2006 ||


I thought his next chemo treatment is still on the 19th, so I was surprised yesterday when his Mom started packing their bags to go to PCMC.

I was sad. For the treatments start anew for him. And the glee (and noise) he has showered both houses with went away with him yesterday.

But yes, i know, yesterday, he went there in a more hopeful state than ever. And i know, we can really start re-claiming his health from now on.


He came up with the idea to play 'elevator' at home, using the arch that divides our living room from our dining area. He'd stand under that arch and have his Mom stand there with him. Then he'd announce that they're going up in an elevator.

He would also have Ninang Grace stand there with him.

I tried playing along, but unfortunately for me, I wasn't welcome. I was told not to ride the elevator with him.

Ninong Jojo was also unwelcome. HINDI DAW KASYA :)


Love you, love you Py.


meanwhile, my colleague shared with me an article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (11 feb 2006 issue) about Project: Brave Kids, in coordination with Philippine CanServe, both of which are working to help less finacially-able families to get help for their cancer-stricken kids.

hopefully, more people will be contributing to their cause... and please join me in saying a silent prayer for everyone whose lives, in one way or another, have been touched by cancer.

|| Wednesday, February 08, 2006 ||


His next chemo treatment is over 10 days away still. Sleep is the only rest his mouth gets, like what I said before, he's been eating like a pig. Sometimes, he'd even wake up at 12 midnight hankering for a banana (which he never used to like).

First time in a long time for us to see roundness in his cheeks...

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

And of course, where there is a baby getting healthier, there is a happy daddy.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thank you for the prayers again. We owe the world a lot of gratitude.

|| Friday, February 03, 2006 ||


Kindness has brought many people here.

Anyway, pending Pyro's future check-ups, i'd just like to say that heaven has been kind and our collective prayers have been answered: Pyro continues to thrive.

He's been eating like a pig, seemingly making up for the weight loss. He's still skinny as hell, only 10.3 kgs at 2 1/2 years, but his ribs are no longer that visible/protruding anymore. He doesn't look like a starved boy from Africa anymore.

Sure, baths still scare him. But he usually forgets he's stitched on the side, because he'd have burts of childhood glee and would be running around the house. He's as makulit and demanding and pa-cute as before.

Just last night, he was playing with my dad's wig again. And weird tot that he is, he put the wig around this toy giraffe on wheels... and then got scared.

Ask him what his birthday gift to Ninang Rez is, and he'd say "SNAKE".

His Dad tells him they should give Ninang a cake too, and he'd be inis and say, "Hindi, snake lang!" :)

Sigh. It's good to have him back :) We let him cry a little now (my instructions) to exercise his lungs some more, hehe.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for the kindness. Thank you, thank you. :)


It seems only yesterday that we offered him to God, and true enough, God has been watching over him since.

Shucks, sentiness...

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