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|| Friday, February 03, 2006 ||


Kindness has brought many people here.

Anyway, pending Pyro's future check-ups, i'd just like to say that heaven has been kind and our collective prayers have been answered: Pyro continues to thrive.

He's been eating like a pig, seemingly making up for the weight loss. He's still skinny as hell, only 10.3 kgs at 2 1/2 years, but his ribs are no longer that visible/protruding anymore. He doesn't look like a starved boy from Africa anymore.

Sure, baths still scare him. But he usually forgets he's stitched on the side, because he'd have burts of childhood glee and would be running around the house. He's as makulit and demanding and pa-cute as before.

Just last night, he was playing with my dad's wig again. And weird tot that he is, he put the wig around this toy giraffe on wheels... and then got scared.

Ask him what his birthday gift to Ninang Rez is, and he'd say "SNAKE".

His Dad tells him they should give Ninang a cake too, and he'd be inis and say, "Hindi, snake lang!" :)

Sigh. It's good to have him back :) We let him cry a little now (my instructions) to exercise his lungs some more, hehe.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for the kindness. Thank you, thank you. :)


It seems only yesterday that we offered him to God, and true enough, God has been watching over him since.

Shucks, sentiness...

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