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|| Thursday, March 01, 2007 ||


My husband and I found out that we're pregnant the day we had to celebrate Pyro's 40 days. The pastor invited to my SIL's home invoked that seven kids will replace Py, to which my husband responded by sobbing. After all, though we're so happy to be pregnant, we didn't know how to break the news to my brother and SIL.

Those who knew us and what we've recently gone thru shed tears with us when they found out that am expecting.

And then I started having problems, mainly spotting, threatening a miscarriage. Which was why i've taken to talking to Py a lot... crying to him everytime I lay on the clinic to have an ultrasound performed, praying that he intervene for me and my baby, that he watch over the baby.

So imagine how we must have felt when we found out that my SIL is also expecting. And imagine how others who knew us felt to know that we're twice being blessed. :)

I even told my SIL that we wanted twins, but maybe Py made sure we got one each instead.

God is good. My Mom cried upon finding out that I was pregnant, saying that now she believes Pyro is with us and knew how we long for a baby. Yesterday, we told her about how Angie is expecting too.

We're both due on October... am only about a week ahead of her. And my Mom is coming home for the births... hopefully, it will help her make peace with Pyro's death.

I've put off writing this because I had to wait for an OB to confirm my SIL's pregnancy. Our baby, meanwhile, is developing nicely and we've already seen proof of its heartbeat (am still spotting everyday though, so everyone's still fretting over me).


My sister found out first about my SIL being preggy... and she cried and cried and cried over the gift.

I told her before how guilty I felt... as if our baby was replacing Py. And how scared I felt, that our baby wouldn't be as loved as Py. My sis assured me that I shouldn't feel those things, and reminded me that nothing can ever happen to change our love for Py. We always have, therefore, we always would. And love doesn't get diminished when you love more people.


Our family is blessed. And grateful. And humbled.

God is good. He gives us things to look forward to, He allows us to remain hopeful.


I thought up a name for a baby girl for my SIL... with reference to Pyro's manifestation with my friend Cath. Pyro supposedly mentioned he wanted the baby girl coming to our family named Rose or Esperanza (hope) so I told my sister to convince my SIL to name their child (if it's a girl) HOPE ANGELINE... Angel of Hope :)

Isn't that a beautiful name? So here's hoping my brother's second child will be a girl (and the Hope-James Yap scandal will die down soon).

Hubs and I kasi have thought up names na for our kids, hehe.


My sis, however, prays fervently that none of the babies will look like Py.


October... was when we found out that Pyro was sick. It took the whole month of October 2005, two hospitals and several medical experts to confirm that he had cancer.

Angie and I are both due on October (tentatively, mine is the 15th, hers is the 26th).

Coincidence? I think not.

And I thank Py and God for giving back October to us.


Indeed, this is the greatest testament to how the circle of life continues... because it continues for us.

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