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|| Wednesday, February 14, 2007 ||


January 1, 2003 was the first day I can say I ever loved someone I haven't seen. That was the day we found out that my SIL was pregnant. That time, I couldn't care less about how irresponsible she and my brother were for getting pregnant out of wedlock, thinking they were already adults and could be held accountable for their actions... so my sis and I just did our thing, giggled while jumping up and down by the door of our home as we pondered on this new addition to our family.

Fast forward to this year. January 1, 2007 was the first day I continued loving Py, despite knowing we'd never see him again. Although he died 27th of December, we could still see his earthly body during the wake. But because he was buried on the 31st of December, January 1 was the first day none of us could ever see him ever again (except for his cousin Jopy, I guess).


Cried over him two nights ago. I told my hubs that maybe it's because I didn't have Nemo beside me that night. I've taken to NEEDING Nemo again because i've missed several chances to visit Py at the cemetery.


I find it a lot sad that my sister celebrated her birthday by going to the cemetery... and will celebrate today, Valentines Day, by going there again. Then again, that is where her heart is...


My brother and SIL visited Py's tomb again yesterday.

A girl, living two streets away (inside the cemetery) asked permission to put the calachuchi flowers she picked (from the tall trees) on the flower holders of Py's tomb.

She said she was only passing by, then noticed that they share the same birthday... that's why she got flowers for him.

Isn't that... grace? :)


We've already drafted a letter to PCMC, formally requesting that we be allowed to visit the kids at their charity ward. It also seems that their Exec. Director encourages visits and parties for their patients... maybe because sick kids always need a morale booster.

I just hope they're not expecting much... because we're only a family wanting to reach out, not a foundation. But still, someone has just e-mailed me that she got too excited and bought stuff from Toy Kingdom already, to add to our goodie bags. :)

Again, isn't this grace?


One man saw the Wish Ko Lang episode featuring Py with Batista. He was greatly touched by the story... and resolved to do better with his kids. He made sure everyone was healthy, and stopped letting himself be consumed with work so he could spend time with his kids.

He was touched.

And one night, while out drinking with his buddies, he told them how his life was changed by that particular episode of a sick boy getting his wish fulfilled.

To his surprise, one of his friends was one of Pyro's godfathers... my SIL's oldest brother.

Which was why, at Py's funeral... he worked his charm to get us discounts for the services. He also helped us find Py's resting place.

I figure, he felt it's the least he could do for a boy who made him realize that he could make his life more meaningful.

Again, that's grace.


Which brings me to a rant.

A woman writing for Bulgar (the tabloid) saw the repeat of the Wish Ko Lang episode (I think twas a year-end best-episodes thing of WKL) and wrote about it. She gushed over how touched she was that Batista took time out to make a sick boy happy. She even managed to get Batista's complete name (John David? sorry, I don't have the newspaper with me).

What offends me isn't her overwhelming awe for the kindness of the wrestler (although being in the media, she should have known that stars seldom initiate such occasions, and I don't mean to take away from what Batista did, or what GMA 7 did, but it's my friends and loving strangers who brought that about)... but the fact that she said she watched the episode, and yet did not manage to get Pyro's name right. Well, she got the Joseph part right... but her short article said the sick child was named JOSEPH POPO...

Now, she's just really stupid. And am actually sad for her... because only the average-minded, superficial people (or kids, with their years of inexperience) would watch the episode and miss that the story is about giving hope to someone sick... not the wrestler...

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