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|| Friday, December 08, 2006 ||


God... I know you haven't forgotten us, nor forsaken Py. But I really PRAY that You will give him enough strength and will to fight. The doctors suspect he's gotten pneumonia, and his body has deteriorated so that his chemo had to be stopped. He's been in the hospital for a week now and is really, really depressed.

Please make him well enough to beat his cough, and that he doesn't really have pneumonia.

Please make the tumor stop from growing too fast too soon, so Pyro can breathe well and have a restful sleep.

Please give him appetite so he can take in nourishment to make him strong.

And please, please... let this be just another hurdle we have to cross... and not a sign of the end of all hope... and all life... for him.


Jack Simbulan is another child suffering from a rare type of cancer, and requiring a really, really expensive procedure. In behalf of his family, I appeal to those who can help... to help his parents give him a chance.


When one door closes... a window opens. I keep repeating that to myself when I feel hopeless.

And I hope that many more will know that there are those who are paving the way for help to be given. The Asian Health Outreach Foundation is one of the many ways that God is working in mysterious ways... if you have friends and family abroad who are struggling from lack of medical insurance, direct them to this foundation.

The MAX Foundation is also another foundation reaching out to those with blood-related cancer.

Together, let's help save lives.

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