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|| Sunday, October 15, 2006 ||


The CT scan brought sad news. There is a new growth yet again.

The first mass grew to cover his right lung.

The second grew downwards, endangering other internal organs.

This third one seems to be growing outwards from his chest bone, to both of his lungs.

His oncologist is already at a loss... Py is already getting the highest chemo dosage for his cancer, for his age.

His surgeon is stumped as well... and has admitted that there is nothing more in his years of experience and training that he can call upon. He just cannot go in deeper than what he's already done twice before. He promised the parents he'd consult other experts... and advised us to research on new approaches and breakthroughs. He's heard that some doctors abroad administer drugs directly on the root of the cancer using needles, but isn't sure if that is being offered here. He also encouraged us to try and look for medical sponsorships for free treatments... abroad.

Hearing all these, I couldn't help but wonder if my SIL has already gone numb from the pain of being disappointed again and again.

I didn't dare allow the tears that were threatening to consume me then... how could I when my SIL and Pyro weren't crying?

Hubby and I were depressed by the news, of course. But we're also doing everything we can researching other possibilities for my nephew.

But yesterday's visit wasn't entirely sad. Py, depressed again from his confinement, cheered up when Ninong Jojo handed him new toys... a Batman Dark Knight and Yugioh action figures. He played with them as he also played with his wrestler action figures (right now, he's a fan of Finley, the one with the leprechaun). He sometimes would converse with us, telling us he ate the EYE candies (gelatin-y eyes that are supposed to taste good, made for Halloween) and asking to be brought to Star City.

I think he's also gotten wind of what we're hoping to give him... because he mentions Batista visiting him.

Other updates include people from GMA, ABS-CBN and Solar Interactive getting wind of the blog and e-mail brigade for his wish. Both TV networks have conducted interviews with him. It's still not clear who has the power and clout enough to get a busy and famous entertainer such as Batista (or any of the other wrestlers) to have time for a child he doesn't know... and being confined right now means he'd be missing the Meet and Greets in malls (if any) this week.

We are amazed and grateful... and also a little anxious... of all the interest Pyro is generating. All we want is to cheer him up since we cannot yet make him well.

My husband's Mom reminded us that God may have a greater plan for Py... which is why He's not making him well... yet... or He's not really going to allow Py to get well. Friends remind us anew to hold fast to the belief that Py will still get well, to remain hopeful and strong for him.


Py has the potential to be a great singer. Listen to him sing...

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