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|| Friday, October 20, 2006 ||


Pyro asked to meet Batista.

Jojo asked, through the form of an e-mail, that people forward the e-mail to people who might be able to make my nephew's, his godson's, wish come true.

The Berks helped us to get the idea out through a blog brigade... asking their readers and fellow bloggers to take up the cause.

Those who didn't have connections asked networks and newspapers directly through e-mail.

Before I knew it, it was just bigger than what we've ever hoped for.

I've always referred to it as a long-shot deal... but still, it didn't hurt to try.

And we were overwhelmed with good wishes indeed... and people willing to help.

And because people asked on his behalf... Pyro's wish was granted.

GMA 7's "WISH KO LANG" was able to secure a permit from PCMC to bring in cameras and stuff for their interview on Py. They also interviewed his doctors. And then, they kidnapped Py.

They were supposedly escorting Py home... but took a detour at Gateway Mall where Batista was having a press con. They were there for less than 10 minutes really... and Py was treated like a celebrity. Of course, it's also PR for Batista but what the hey... Py is gracing newspapers with the wrestler tomorrow.

My SIL texted me to thank me, and asked to thank everyone... because though Pyro is still weak from his chemo treatments... they saw how he was made happy by the meeting. It even surprised them that he allowed Batista to carry him, since he's always been choosy that way.

Before falling asleep tonight, his last words to my brother were: "Papa, kinarga ako ni Batista (Papa, Batista carried me)" :)

We saw part of the footage at 24 Oras, which we think will be replayed later tonight in Saksi.

But the real interview with Py and most of the footage of his meeting with Batista will be aired at WISH KO LANG on November 04.


I cannot thank my husband enough for starting this. I cannot thank the Berks (who were made kulit a lot by Cath) enough for the support.

I cannot thank enough all the others who forwarded the e-mail. And who blogged about it.

I cannot thank all the prayers being said for Pyro... the continued support and sympathy, the continued friendship and love... from friends and strangers alike.

I'd also like to say special thanks to the following:

Sherbien of Nagmamahal Kapamilya (ABS-CBN), for trying.

Kritzia of Make-A-Wish Foundation, for trying... and being happy for us.

A Mr. Jeff (Zenith Opti Media) who also tried to help...

Mr. Mike Garcia (and staff Kim) from Solar Interactive... who coordinated with Araneta Center and WWE.

Ms. Grace Magno (and staff Valerie) from Araneta Center... who coordinated with WWE and Wish Ko Lang.

Ms. Joy from GMA... who was one of the first to respond to the blog brigade, and who was fascinated that a group of people have are rallying on the internet for a sick child (and who bouhgt Py McDo food kanina).

GMA camera people (I believe there is a Robert among them) who shot the initial interview.

Mr. Chino Trinidad, who promised to find out what other aid can be provided to Py and consult doctor friends abroad.

Mr. Batista... for being kind to my nephew. (Friend lampel said, bless his heart for making PY happy)

The WWE people who allowed the Meet-and-Greet.

But really, we couldn't have done it without my caring friends.

And Pyro is so blessed to have experienced such love at sucha young age.

Batista said something like... "I don't think he feels too good but I don't think he feels sorry for himself... because he's probably stronger than any of us... kids are very strong, they're very positive and hopeful and very optimistic... i hope I entertained him a little bit... made him feel strong and good..."

Joy from GMA said... "I hope this made Pyro happy and he's so lucky to be loved by so many people"

Us... we're just happy he's happy.

And we're just teary because people have really been so kind.


I hope i'm not violating any terms or something here:

He doesn't look it (err, because he just got discharged from hospital?) but Py was realy energized by the experience. He was actually even chatty daw. Watch Wish Ko Lang for longer footages :)

And again, thank God... thank LIfe... for the kindness that made this possible. Thank you all.

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