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|| Friday, August 25, 2006 ||


Next week, Py stands to have his heart broken again as he returns to chemo treatments... and start losing his hair and eyelashes again. I'm wondering, will he think, at the grand young age of three, that Papa Jesus is taking back His gift of hair to him...

Awww shucks, look at me, crying again.

But actually, we have much to rejoice about where my nephew is concerned. Sure, his parents still owe his doctors some P70k from his surgery last June... and the chemo treatments will cost them again greatly every three weeks... but still, ten months since he was diagnosed with cancer, Pyro has continued to thrive and grow and make friends and discover stuff and learn songs. He's not even small in terms of height... but yes, he could stand to gain some weight (because he's remained at 10 kilos since October last year). It's really amazing how his growth hasn't been stunted so by all the medical procedures he's had to endure. When not confined in the hospital, he's happy and noisy as a lark and it is absolutely priceless to have him able to be happy.

Last month, at my trip to Ilog Maria with my husband's family, I bought several tubs of Royal Jelly, ahoney product touting to be nature's powerful rejuvenator, promotes restful deep sleep, eases stress, tension and anxiety, stimulates glands secretion of balanced hormones, increases fertility and alievates impotence. It's supposed to promote rapid tissue repair and I figured Pyro needs that so much. But of course, Royal jelly doesn't exactly taste nice so I asked my nephew's yaya to follow up the dose with honey. But alas, that trick wouldn't suffice and Pyro gets nauseous.

But heaven blessed us with a helper who wouldn't quit on Pyro... the yaya decided to just mix the Royal jelly with honey and feed it to Pyro that way. Of course the dosage didn't say if that was ok or not, but surely all is not lost that way! And true enough, the yaya just called, asked to inquire where the product could be bought because Pyro's appetite was inspired! Anything and everything to make him eat! :) I'm really so happy, i'm moved to tears.

Oh... and the doctors are more optimistic now after his radiation treatments. I really hope it's not too much to ask God that my nephew be declared cancer free by end of this year. Wouldn't it be totally grand to have a fresh start next year? Just thinking about being able to make plans of beach trips and zoo trips and maybe even Disneyland in HK fills my eyes again with tears.

Hay. Am such a crybaby today.

Maybe because... we passed by Metropolitan Hospital today when I picked up a cake for my boss... where it all started... where it all went wrong. And I don't remember anymore the name of Pyro's original pediatrician... but I really hope she's haunted by her incompetence (for lack of a stronger word) with Pyro. Since we cannot sue her, I just hope Pyro at least help save other kids by making her pay more attention... or by retiring.

Hmm... actually, I think I also have the birthday blues... made more significant because it was on my birthday that Pyro's cancer was discovered... nameless still by then, but already critical.

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