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|| Friday, June 09, 2006 ||


... Pyro gets discharged from the hospital today. This after a second operation that was truly bloody (he had to be transfused with 6 whopping bags of blood, and the doctors didn't have time to cross-match the blood because he was bleeding profusely).

His first surgery just 5 months ago had him confined for two weeks. But again, he amazed all doctors when he woke up soon after the operation... crying at the recovery room asking for his Mom, while all the doctors and nurses surrounded him and brought him to his waiting parents (after failing to stop his crying).

And when he gets home, he immediately had his yaya call my sister to tell her that he's already WELL and out of the hospital.

Oh, and he sings "Baby Love" all the time :) Turns out he loves the photo slide I made.

Bought cookies and cheese and different goodies for him yesterday... and gave the PINK Sponge Bob shirt and Baby Einstein instructional DVD I bought for him at Divi. Hopefully, he'd love the shirt enough and insist on wearing it (because his Mom didn't like the idea of her son wearing pink... then again, she wasn't too keen about me buying all those Yellow and Orange shirts for Py before either... and Py still looks best in the clothes I bought for him, hehe... SIL wants him to wear BLUE all the time and I haven't gotten around to telling her that Py is the hot-blooded type who'd look best in reds, yellows, pinks and oranges).

Felt my brother's depression over the expense. Am still juggling my own expenses so I can give him some money because our parents are running out of funds too. That and the fact that my Dad is also shouldering most of the expenses for my uncle. I can't imagine how my brother must be feeling... knowing he cannot actually finance all the remaining treatments for his son, and still not knowing if there'd be a good ending to all these.


Py has to undergo radiation treatments... because they can't scrape off all the cancerous gluck that's on his chest-bone. The radiation treatments will be very risky... because the cancer is too close to his heart.

And then there'd be more chemo treatments.

I tell my SIL that at least Py will have hair on his birthday (his utmost wish) but my SIL's face darkens, knowing that once the chemo treatments start anew, Py will lose his hair again... and thus will be depressed all over again.

Still, Py is still blessed because he's come this far. I'm just wondering, if he had ove a hundred guests for his 2nd birthday... how many kaya this time? :) I'm ordering a Sponge Bob birthday cake for him... and hubby will be in charge of the video... and am looking at giveaways now too.

Heck... every day he's still with us is a day to celebrate. And back in October, when all these started, we really didn't know if he'd be alive to see his 3rd birthday.

And he's still here.

And my heart is aching so badly now because the tears are threatening to come... so I'll stop now.

Thank you everyone, for the prayers.

God is Good.

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