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|| Thursday, March 30, 2006 ||


Thankfully, Pyro hasn't succumbed yet to his disease. But he and his Mom are moving out of my parents' home... and living with his Mom's parents. Partly because there's tension at home and partly because his Mom's mother wants to help care for Py...

So, it's going to be a goodbye. Gone will be the days when i'd see and hear and breathe him everyday. Gone will be the times when he'd be making lambing and joining me in my bed, or at the other house. Soon, he may not be so enamored of his Ninong (my hubby) and be closer with his other Ninong (his uncle) instead. Soon, the treats I used to offer to him first will have to be sent to him via my brother.

Yes, he'd have playmates there. But I cringe at the possibility that he'd be eating more junk food and drinking softdrinks with his cousins, kids who aren't sick like him (or judgmentally on my part, kids whose parents don't love their kids enough to steer them away from junk food). Good luck to my nephew's kidneys then. Oh ok, maybe I should have a little more faith that my sis-in-law will stick to a healthy diet for him because his doctors have already advised them so.

Hay. I don't even want to dwell on it because I know i'd be crying a lot. It has to be enough that I loved him before, and that I love him still, and that we'd forever love him and pray for him... and visit him from time to time.

His next chemo treatment is slated for April 16. Easter Sunday.

Lately he hasn't been eating as much as he used to. I can't help but be paranoid that the new growth might be overpowering his systems again.

Hay. Have I already mentioned that this new growth seems to be growing downwards this time? Before... it grew right-wards and cramped his right lung (because it grew to the size of his lung).

We don't want another surgery. Honestly, it's not really fun to spend some P200k to have a child you love opened up, traumatized so early by things he can't really grasp yet.

But then again, I can't say that I have a full grasp of the situation myself. I understand how this isn't personal... and if others can lose years, fortunes and lives to cancer, why can't we, right?

Still... everything can't help but become personal when it happens to YOU, or someone you really, really, really LOVE.


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