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|| Friday, January 27, 2006 ||


Image hosting by PhotobucketPyro should have made his entrance with my niece Ela, as they were both Honorary Best Man and Maid of Honor. But my sis, who was MOH, insisted that Pyro escorts her.

People who read this blog, or those who know me personally, usually comment how touched they get that I so love my nephew.

But if they knew my sis, and how she is with Py, then they'd know what true devotion is.


Because Py was a baby in a household full of adults, it was really easy to be swept away from our cozy beds and restful sleep with just one whimper from the babe. It was automatic. it was reflex. But my sis was always the first one there.

Everyone HOVERED over his crib, his mat, over him. But it was my sis always the last to go.

Also, it's Grace alone who can manage to soothe Py without getting her patience tried, in the few times that Py's really sick, and therefore upset.

She can change his diaper. She can suffer his vomit all over her. She is always more than willing to suffer lack of sleep, attending to him instead of resting for school the following day. She efficiently feeds him. She very much adores him. She'd even buy stuff for him, saving up what she can from her allowance. Heck, she can even eat some of the stuff that Py makes luwa.

She even skips dates and late-night talks with her boyfriend just to take care of our nephew :)

And when Py first got sick, she missed school and more sleep. Always the first to DENY any chance of Py giving in to the sickness, she always remained with him, squeezing visits to PCMC (which is really far) with school and nursing duty.

I could go on and on and on... about how truly devoted she is to her. And one just has to see Pyro cling to her the minute he sees her, eventhough it's his Mom and Dad who mostly stays with him in the hospital these days, to know that Ninang Grace was someone Pyro knew he could really count on for unconditional love and comfort.

Ninang Grace was all his...

And I know, she'd be the happiest person on earth WHEN we hear that Pyro has truly beaten cancer.


Visited him yesterday. Doctors are amazed at how strong he seemes, despite the frail body. He's now eating solid foods (he's a fan of Goldilocks' raisin and oatmeal cookies dipped in milk). He's back to watching DVDs. He can even sit up now.

Of course, he looks bad. He gets thoroughly bothered when Jun shows his stitches to people. He gets upset when nurses and doctors come in. He sometimes just stare at you. Sometimes, he cries in that really heartbreaking way where he's just quiet while a lone tear falls from the corner of his eye...

Still, it's going to be one heck of a homecoming when he gets discharged after this operation :)


Attina, I don't know you but I was greatly touched by your kindness. I'd like you to know that Pyro played with the 'cellphone' you gave him and would even pretend to be listening to someone over it :) I'd take a picture next time.

Again, thank you for the kindness...

And thank you for the kimono too :)

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