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|| Wednesday, December 07, 2005 ||

HAIRLESS (with pictures)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm sorry for not updating this lately.

On one hand, i've been real busy with wedding preps.

On the other hand, Py's 2nd chemo cycle went so beautifully non-traumatic. He was never depressed (unlike the 1st time). He also didn't go home depressed when he had another CT scan done last week.

Results say that the tumor responded to the chemotherapy treatments. By how much, am not sure. We're still awaiting his doctors' decision on how many more chemo treatments will be necessary to shrink his tumor to a more manageable size so they can proceed with surgery.

And Py has been overly makulit, he's been literally driving us crazy... or driving us into small accidents (plate falling on my sister's foot, for example).

He's been devouring cake and cereal... he's been drawing on walls and tables... he's been talking on the phone, making up conversations with people (we suspect) he misses... he's still always asking to go visit a fountain... he still loves going over picture books...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd when Ninong Jojo brings his divicam along... he says, "picture picture tayo Ninong" and hams it up, watching himself sing and dance from the divicam's lcd. Apart from "Happy Birthday", he now sings "Merry Christmas" too, enjoying the Christmas lights and the advanced carollers who have passed by our home.

And now, he refuses to eat cake pala without first having us light a candle on top of it, for him to sing to and then blow out.

Basta, he's so makulit, it's so easy to forget he isn't sick.


Last night, I got home with my eyes brimming with tears. My sis and cousin thought I had a fight with Jojo... actually, I was just depressed.

See, there is going to be a WORLD PYRO OLYMPICS held here in Manila on Dec 26-30. 10 Countries will be competing and the ticket would cost only P100.


Have I said here that my nephew was named so because his mother sang "THROUGH THE FIRE" really well... and that was what turned my brother on made my brother fell in love with her?

And which kid didn't like Christmas lights and fireworks?

But we cannot bring Pyro there... not only is it risky to expose him to so many people (lest he catches something), the fumes/smoke from the fireworks would be bad for his lungs.

I was really very depressed yesterday about this... am better now.

I just really can't wait till this baby gets better.

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