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|| Sunday, December 11, 2005 ||


Those who watched Pyro grow from a teeny infant to a tot.

Friday ended with Pyro looking up to see who was entering our door, saw a really familiar face which he identified as "Mama".

Saturday began with my cousin Tin arriving from GenSan.

Sunday morning, my Mom woke everybody up to wake Pyro up.

Our house is officially jampacked with people. And Py's parents braved the risks and brought Pyro to Church with them... where he kept telling Tita Tin that they go to SM to buy balloon and cake.

His Mom bought balloon and cake. My SIL said, since she missed Pyro's birthday, the cake was justified. I couldn't agree more.

And when my sis teased my SIL if she had a message written on the cake... and what message... my SIL bowed her head, and got red a little from trying not to cry.

She missed a lot. Over the weekend, my SIL had to listen to us cram all the information and stories we can into her... for all the times she wasn't watching her son grow up... like what the heck is PINOY AKO, why was Py referring to himself as KUBA, why Py had nail polish on some of his toes, what food he loves, how much he's grown, what was he like during his chemo treatments...

I can't imagine how painful things are for her... eventhough she's already home.

To top it all, my Mom, who missed her only grandchild so much... sometimes fails to notice that my SIL has been away too. So the Lola is all over Pyro a lot, even asking the child to sleep with them instead.


And because there was cake, and because there were candles, and because there was a divicam... Pyro blew out candles with all his family present, singing and clapping for him, as if it's really his birthday tonight.

We're all here now... Mom and Dad, Jun, Rez and Me, Ninong Jojo, Tita Tin and Tita Gang, and of course, Mommy Angie.

We all love him.


My sis keeps getting amazed at how strangers can feel for Py even without knowing him. Mom arrived ladden with toys from different people she met in the US, who knew about her cancer-stricken grandchild.

Like what my sis keeps saying... International ang concern for my nephew. :)

That's a real great Christmas gift.

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