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|| Wednesday, November 02, 2005 ||


Pyro has been this manic eater at home. He's still skin and bones and we sometimes notice how WEAK his spindly legs really are... he hasn't gotten back his groove and run around the house for a loooong time now. But still, he eats a lot and he's very, very noisy.

He heralds his wakefulness every morning by squeezing the trigger on this Avilon chicken souvenir that crows. He does that about a dozen times until someone gets fed up enough to feed him.

The crow hangs by the Christmas tree. That's where he usually sits near... ready to play with my Kissing Bells (which I have yet to finish) and rearrange them around the tree.

Our bad though, he refuses to drink Pediasure. Or any milk for that matter. I was able to get him to take in some 2 ounces of carabao's milk but that was it. We tried making Pediasure into ice candy for him but he started bawling like crazy after the first bite.

He loves vanilla ice cream though. I think we've had ice cream 4-5 times in the past week.

He also loves pizza.

And french fries.

And balut 'soup'.

And dilis. My gosh, we had dilis for 3 days because that's what he kept asking for!

And though the child is still skin and bones, it became easy to overlook the dry skin and thinness because he's playing a lot, and noisy enough, and eating like crazy.


He goes in for a check-up tom. I hope it doesn't depress him so. We have some 14 days before his next cycle.


The worry doesn't go away, for the uncertainties remain.

Yesterday, I snapped at Grace because she made this thoughtless comment that she'd stay with Pyro at home on my wedding day (she's the MOH).

See, we're not sure if Pyro should be allowed to grace my wedding because there'd be all these people there who might give him some virus.

It wouldn't be the same without him (and chances are, my hipag and bro would stay with him, making my family incomplete in the picture-taking)... but how can I also be selfish and insist on his presence when it could be the death of him?

Anyway, it's his doctor's call.

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