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|| Friday, October 14, 2005 ||


Pyro was never a chubby kid. He never seemed to have baby fats. But compared to my other nieces and nephews, we consider him healthy actually because he's only had the usual colds but always remained energetic and noisy.

The worst he's had is a recurring throat infection (mainly due to his infernal habit of sucking stuffed toys, pillows, blankets) and roseola.

Two weeks before my birthday, Pyro fell sick. He had fever for 3 days but his Dad dismissed it as nothing.

A week after, my cousin brought to our attention that Py is drawing his chest when he breathes. Monday last week, she was asked to bring Py to his pedia for a check-up.

The pedia (Dr. Siao-Ty) didn't find anything wrong, even with his breathing. But my cousin refused to leave her clinic so she had Py get his chest x-rayed to pacify my cousin that he doesn't have asthma.

When the pedia saw the x-ray films, she was shocked. She advised us that Py needs to be confined asap. Her first suspicion was pneumonia because Py's right lung was filled with some dense whatever.

Py was confined at the Metropolitan Hospital that same night. He was discharged Wednesday only to be transferred to the Philippine Children's Medical Center because the hospital said they were not equipped to deal with the tumor they found in Py's lung.

A week after Py's confinement at the PCMC, and after a fine needle biopsy was performed on him, all we're sure is that Py's tumor is malignant.

In fairness to PCMC, they have already sent an oncologist to talk to my family and his pulmologist also dropped by yesterday and we were able to talk, and he was able to explain some more what's really wrong.

Basically, what Heart Center (that's where they first brought in the specimen from the biopsy) was only able to determine is that the tumor is indeed malignant. They've just referred the specimen to St. Luke's to determine naman kind of malignancy and what stage so they can tell us talaga if it was a fast growing tumor or not and give them a better idea of treatment options.

Meanwhile, they're examining Py some more and performing more tests, checking if the cancer has metastasized to, or from, somewhere else in his body.

Weirdly enough, the oncologist said that based from experience and literature, few cancers with the lungs and they want to make sure if the lung is where the primary cancer is...

If not, there may be more hope for Py... because he'd likely respond to treatments... and a surgery would be more likely helpful.

But if not, if the cancer is limited to the lungs alone (I was wrong, I asked the size of the tumor, t's not just 3/4 of his right lung, it's his entire right lung and that lung has already collapsed actually because of the tumor)... they say that prognosis is VERY POOR... and they won't even advise surgery anymore...

Both doctors also assured that they are doing everything they can and trying to expedite everything....but such cases require no room for error so they also have to be diligent in their work and consultations... and they ARE AWARE that time is our enemy right now...

They may even have to get some bone marrow sample from Py... which will mean he'd require general anesthesia.

And the waiting game for us isn't over.

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